The goals of the Au Futur program are to (1) empower young mothers to reach their goals and (2) to maximize the optimal development of their child(ren).

To achieve these goals,  we strive to maintain the following objectives:

  • Support to young mothers through re-integration into school, and/or integration into a training program and /or the workforce;
  • Provide information that is relevant to young mothers;
  • Empower young mothers to have control over their quality of lives;
  • Encourage young mothers to attend the many support groups and events;
  • Inform mothers about the resources available to them in their neighborhoods.

If you or someone you know is:

  • A single mother with a child or children 0-5 years old;
  • A young mother between 15 and 35 years old;
  • A newly arrived immigrant with or without status or a refugee claimant;
  • A single mother who has no extended family and who may be solated and / or marginalized;
  • A single mother with limited or no income;
  • A single mother who needs information about available resources.